Posted on 20th February, 2020 by PAVAN KUMAR TRIGUNAIT

Every student preparing for CLAT is putting in a considerable amount of effort to be in their dream NLU. The goal is to achieve one of the elusive ranks that would open the doors for the law universities of their choice. Therefore it is high time that you realize what should be your priorities by now.

As you all know that CLAT has 40 marks, out of a total of 200, for the English section. So here are some things you may consider during your preparation for the English section. 

READING COMPREHENSION – Read Read Read!!! As you all know this topic is not a cake walk because this is where you can score easily only if your basic fundamentals of English grammar are correct. To hone your skills you need to practice as many questions as you can so as to have a clear knowledge about how a question has to be approached, and solving of paragraph question can have a multitude of benefits. This helps in reading fast because in all the entrance examinations time is the necessary evil. To race against time a composed and cool mind is necessary for acing these entrance examinations. 

To have a clear idea about all the topics in the English section (which is majorly dominated by paragraph reading, word meaning, sentence correction) you can read articles which are easily available on the internet. There are a plethora of websites and English magazines which have articles on several topics based on current affairs and/or economic policies etc., which can be of great help to develop English and GK at the same time. Practice as many mocks and questions on English as possible to have clarity on the topic and subject.

Vocabulary, synonyms, and antonyms - If you come across any new words while reading any piece of text, take a note of it. Find out its meaning before moving further with your reading. And make a sentence that you can use in your daily routine. This will definitely help you to build your vocabulary.

If you are not fond of reading then do not panic every problem has a solution (But do develop a habit of reading). Try to find some new words online or you can also download some free apps on mobile for vocabulary. And on online wide varieties of apps are available even you can also learn a new word daily by taking the quiz. This will also help you to build your vocabulary. 

Now the most important part of the vocabulary is you need to pay attention to spellings because building up a good vocabulary means having a good grasp on spellings, and in CLAT, spelling-correction questions have donned the paper for several years now. Whenever you learn a new word you ought to look for synonyms and antonyms of the words because in CLAT there will be questions based on it.

GRAMMAR - English, as a language has, is in two forms i.e. active and passive, all the written work in English is in passive voice unless required contrary and hence this part has to be looked into widely and clearly. For Grammar one can prefer WREN AND MARTIN (HIGH SCHOOL GRAMMAR) this book shall be sufficient for your doubts and it can easily clear your concepts. 

I strongly recommend aspirants to read newspapers daily like THE HINDU or THE INDIAN Express. When you read the newspapers keep a notebook by your side whenever you read the newspaper because you may come across many new words everyday note them down and make your own sentence then revise those words daily. 

FOREIGN WORDS- Analyzing previous year papers will give one a fair idea about this section. As English has gradually taken up the role of a global language, it has allowed influences from other languages to seep into its roots and enrich its word lists. A preliminary glance at the Oxford Dictionary will reveal the truth of this idea. In the examination, it is more likely that the meaning sought will be the one used in the modern context but the actual meaning of the words in the foreign language can also be asked. 

You must take the effort to mark out foreign words and phrases you come across in your readings and find out their meaning. While this is a good method it is not enough to prepare you for CLAT so make this method a routine habit to supplement your main study. The best way for you to cover a wide range of phrases is through making a list of foreign words from various sources that you may read, which may include previous year question paper, newspapers and articles etc.